Your clients are online. Are you?

Moving your practice online may feel like a daunting task, but it’s really quite simple. That’s why I’ve created Increase Your Income Online: 7 Steps to Sell Your Health Services Virtually.

This guide takes you step by step thru:

  • Identifying your online target market (this impacts everything related to your online presence!)
  • Choosing the right domain name
  • What you MUST have on your site from the very beginning!
  • The difference between a domain name, domain registration, and a web host (and how to know which is right for you!)
  • What’s necessary for confidential email . . . protect yourself!
  • If you “build it” they won’t necessarily come – steps to take to drive traffic to your site
  • And the MOST IMPORTANT element that will determine if you are financially successful with an online practice

Blown away by your content and personality.

Jennifer Gage“I just finished reading some of your recent posts and your “Increase Your Income Online” free report and I have to tell you that I was just blown away by your content and personality. Wow!! This sounds really trite but you are truly a breath of fresh air. I like the fact that you lay stuff out for people and tell them what they need to do and what they need to be thinking about in developing a marketing strategy.”

Jennifer Gage, Ph.D., Certified Master Coach and Peak Performance Expert |
Charlotte, NC

Lisa has broken down some complicated concepts into actionable steps.

Linda Dessau“Great job with this report! I was curious to see it because I am expanding my services to help more people at this early stage of getting online. It was very easy to read and Lisa has broken down some complicated concepts into actionable steps. If you’re a health professional just starting out online, I recommend this report.”

Linda Dessau, Editor, Writer, & Writing Coach | Ontario, Canada